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You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination. – Leviticus 18:22

I saw that on a Billboard today as I was riding the bus.
See this is one of those things when I lose what little faith I have in human kind.
Why should people feel the need to put those things where children can see, where anyone really can see, it must be hurtful to really anybody with a little sense.
But it’s not, mostly. People support this kind of thoughts, why because of some old man, who thought to write some book to tell people what they should do.
The same misogynistic book that says a woman should be faithful and kind and devoted to her husband but the husband should really just pray to god and provide for family.
This really annoys me, the way gay people are treated even in this century in latin America, and the world in general.
I see really no point in this, it’s utterly stupid, people are just people, and even labeling them as gay people is stupid.
I’ve had my share of gay people around me, I’ve had friends, acquaintances, and maybe some not so friendly gay persons in my life.
And you know what made the difference between all of them? Why some were friends and some were not?
Themselves, not the fact that they are gay.
That never had anything to do with anything. And the sooner people understand that, the better.
There should be no labeling, cuz being gay says nothing about how people are. If they are nice, if they are not, if they are kind, or intelligent, or smart, or sweet, or NOT. That has nothing at all to do with being gay or not.
Some people say the problem with gay people is that they are promiscuous and not capable of real “normal” relationships.
And that’s where they are wrong, loyal people are loyal regardless of being gay, most of the promiscuity comes from confusion, once a person is comfortable with themselves and their sexuality (whatever it is), they are ready for commitment and relationships, this much I know is true.
And I’m not here to talk about my exploits, or my experiences, but this I know for sure, the more people try and give themselves a “role” in a relationship, “the man” or “the girl” in the relationship the more difficult it is for a couple to last and work, because there is no role for people to play in a couple, there is only love, communication, respect and the incredible need to spend the rest your lives together.
And if you have that, what the hell does it matter if they are the same sex or different?
Something to think about don’t you think?
Rant Over,

"En la arena escribí… Lo que te llego a amar. Y aún no lo borra ni la sal del mar 🎶"

- Shakira

Sally hansen glitter! #glitter #pink #sallyhansen #nailpolish

Sally hansen glitter! #glitter #pink #sallyhansen #nailpolish

Si de veras me quieres, como yo te quiero. Ven bésame ahora y bésame luego… La la la la la la la 🎶 - Shakira